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Diehl Metering Sappel S.A.S.

Diehl Metering Sappel S.A.S.

Diehl Metering Sappel is a company of the DIEHL group (265 million € revenue in 2011, 2000 employees) with an expertise in the fields of water metering, thermal energy, gas, industrial liquids and automated metering (radio metering…). It is particularly specialized in the manufacturing of high metrology meters, using the “unique stream” (AQUILA meters) or “volumetric” (ALTAÏR meter) technologies. More than 2 million meters are manufactured each by their factory. Additionally, Diehl Metering Sappel designs and sells high-precision radiometer systems, efficient and innovative, pluggable of the meter before or after each installation thank to the modularity principal. With the IZAR radio, Diehl Metering Sappel has been a pioneer in this domain since 1996 and is still a leader with more than 5 million units sold in France and abroad. Committed to a sustainable development approach since 2005, Diehl Metering Sappel wished to get involved with 1001fontaines mainly by supplying meters on several sites. Diehl Metering Sappel has been able to visit one of the Cambodian sites and, once again, appreciate what the service brings, the quality and the efficiency of the association. 

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